September 9, 2023
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Clara Mann

September 09

Clara Mann’s latest EP, Stay Open, is a collection of alt-folk ballads born from a feeling of being in perpetual transition. Clara writes songs about the restlessness of life in your early twenties and the immense power of optimism in dark times. She feels things very acutely and cries often- when she’s happy, sad, or simply moved (by things like: the evening light over the city, a dog on the street in a nice jacket, or choral music on the radio). She finds all of these things very poignant.

Her music usually begins in her drawings, or in short fragments of written text, in which she finds the first lines of songs. Inspired by the likes of Edith Piaf, Tom Waits, and Judee Sill, Clara likes to tell stories and paint pictures, without ever giving too much away. She loves to lean into the strange and the mysterious – but never compromises on tenderness.

After a busy year of shows including support tours with Daniel Rossen (Grizzly Bear) and Skullcrusher, Clara has spent the last few months working on her debut record, with which she hopes to throw herself into her music more than ever before.

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