September 9, 2023
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September 09

himalion is an artistic entity/music community project fronted by Diogo Sarabando focused on explorations between the current indie-folk and the classic folk of the ’60s and ’70s, with an added touch of world music including Portuguese and Brazilian Influences.

EGRESS (January 2020), a collection of 8 songs, served as the introduction to himalion. In an attempt to express through a musical journey the feeling of leaving a place – both physical and mental – this debut EP is an exploration of contrasting textures, sonically and conceptually.

Right at the beginning of the pandemic in March of 2020, Diogo immediately started working on what was at first a second EP which gradually evolved into a more expanded work – a collection of 13 new songs called BLOOMING released in May of 2021.

Recorded once again at puppy garden studios – the name of Diogo’s home studio, which is also the house he grew up in – and at Casa da Música in Ílhavo, BLOOMING is a Spring record. Almost in opposition to EGRESS, these new songs feature a more open and fresh sonic approach, where a bunch of new elements such as percussion from all over the world and classical guitar are under a new spotlight. Themes of isolation (obviously), personal growth and reconstruction of self, through metaphoric imagery related to the quotidian and the natural world are the main focus of this LP.

BLOOMING’s physical edition (CD) was the first record to be released with the support of “23 Milhas” – a cultural entity from Ílhavo – through the regional program “Apoio à Produção Local da Milha”.

This first LP features some special contributions by musicians from the region of Aveiro and it was mixed by Paulo Mouta Pereira and mastered by Vitor Carraca Teixeira.

Since October of 2021 Diogo has been working and producing a new himalion LP called WYSIATI, which was mostly written in an artistic residency in Ilha do Pico, Açores at a friend’s house (Up2Pico). 

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